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If you could take a single photograph of your ideal lifestyle, what would it look like?

Before we tell you what ours looks like… you need to understand that with all levels of success there is a journey that goes with it.

It will never be overnight! Sorry! But realistically it will be over many weeks, months, years and for some it has taken over decades! But that’s okay.

You can’t rush perfection. Right?

The interesting part of success, but also the reason we continue to grow is it is forever constantly moving. Four years ago you may have envisioned that in order to be successful you needed to be some superstar manager in charge of millions of dollars… sounds pretty nifty right! But those fours years have passed and you are doing this already, yet you don’t feel successful. Why?


naturally (knowingly or not) you’re trying to absorb more, grow further and become a greater you. We thrive for more.

There is always this ongoing drive for more. We are natural born thrivers. From birth we chase the next best thing… of course we do, just watch a baby and it’s want and need for a milk bottle. We grow, we learn and we repeat. It’s simple really. You can’t put a limit on success. It is limitless, but it is different for everyone and it up to you to define it. That is the important factor to remember. It is up to you to define success.

If you build it, they will come. — Ray Kinsella, Field of Dreams

Take GoPro for example. When they released HERO5, it was the flagship for its time and it was what they had envisioned from the very beginning, but it had taken them 14 years to get there. It was a game changer.

It is a simple fact that hard work takes consistency and like losing weight, you may not see results within a day or even after 100 days, but the point is you continue to build consistency, you continue to move around your barriers and obstacles, and you continue to hustle forward into the unknown fighting for your endgame.

If Furrii could take a single photograph of our idea, what would it look like?

Capture the shot — Furrii

Everyone is on a journey towards something. It may be their current goal, a passion or simply to survive week by week, living pay cheque to pay cheque. Regardless, they have a target in mind and that is where they are headed.

Furrii is passionate about bringing together a community which is built upon, thrives from and promotes passion. Our idea is to grow with like minded individuals to create lifestyles which stands outside the norm.

Furrii envisions a lifestyle for each individual, where you don’t need to think about getting ready for work, you don’t need to think about commuting to work and you don’t need to worry about how the day will flow. We envision this as a lifestyle of pure open plan. If you have an idea, a dream, a goal or something which you want to tap into and create. We want you to be able to do this and do it free of mind. We want you yo further your lifestyle. Live your passion and make a living from it.

The best way to picture this idea of living is to place yourself into the below scenario. Read the below:

The theory of a successful open plan lifestyle, derived from “Lifestyle Design” , suggests one should make a living from their passion. Living and earning around their day and not being dictated by a set of rules. Your lifestyle is a reflection of you following your heart.

If your heart is always with the mountains, the outdoors, the wilderness or simply away from the city. This is your starting point. This is where you should spend your time and make a living around it.

Hiker? Camper? Maybe a trail runner. You canoe, you trout fish, or maybe you 4WD, live out of a van or maybe you study and record the habitats and behaviour of bears. Whatever it is you like to do outdoors or in the mountains, these are just small examples of what can be made into something so much bigger, or big enough to thrive off.

The #1 problem we all face is majority of us are doing the opposite. We are living in a model of doing something our minds are GREAT at, yet we only spend our weekends doing the things we LOVE.

But what if you were spending all your time doing the things you LOVE?

So ask yourself this:

Why don’t you spend your time focused purely on the things you love and continue to make your living from that. This way, you are literally living and enjoying life, while at the same time making enough coin to fund your lifestyle.

If you’re not thinking it already, your next question is going to be along the lines of…

  • This is great but how can I even do this?
  • I don’t have a successful business or a hobby earning me $X,000 to a month. That is just unrealistic!
  • How can I get there?

The answer of the question can be summarised into 3 Points:


Before your can even begin to transition out of your current lifestyle into the new, you first need to know where you will transition into. This is ultimately your passion. What is you passion? Maybe you need to rediscover, reignite or really identify what it is your passion is about. Have a read here and take a step back before taking the leap forward. READ THIS


Before you make a jump, know what you are in for. Read up on some of the classic stories and the ones who have done this before and are still doing it today.

Check out our suggested must reads (no particular order):


Now that you know what your passion is and now that you have the context and the excitement to do so, it is time to actually start doing it. But you can start in small increments. To start now, this means you need to begin planning. Begin designing what the lifestyle you are after will look like? How will you leverage your passionate combinations. What will you actually bring to life. Will it be a blog, a e-product, a podcast, a YouTube page, a community or an actual face to face business. You have so many options, but only you will know the one that fits you. Don’t forget you can try a little of something and adapt along the way.


Still not sure? Let’s chat? Let’s start this journey together and lets see where you can go?

Photo by Daniel Jensen on Unsplash

Who are we?

We are just like you. Another speck of sand in this big wide world, with a big dream to make a dint or a big enough sand castle to draw attention to the finer and cooler things in life. We want to help you further your lifestyle. Essentially we are a lifestyle brand. Or maybe just your biggest fan. We want to help thrive and fuel your passion.

Still curious? Let’s chat. Leave a comment or simply get in contact and see what we can do for you: //




Conversations on Lifestyle, Passions and Hustles. Sharing insights, understanding and lifestyle stories.

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Furrii | Further Your Lifestyle

Furrii | Further Your Lifestyle

Conversations on Lifestyle, Passions and Hustles. Sharing insights, understanding and lifestyle stories.

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